Engineering Mission Statement

Provide excellent engineering design, support and solutions to CCDI for operational smoothness and continuous growth .

Goals & Objectives

Design products for CCDI customers to exceed their expectation.
Develop high quality, high performance and cost effective product.
Perform experiments to ensure our product meet our specification and quality standard.
Design bullet proof production equipment that are safe and efficient.
Reduce production down time through preventive maintenance and fast response repair time.

Product Design

Design product to meet and exceed CCDI customer specification.
Documenting all CCDI product specification.
Design and fully document CCDI new equipment.
Improve CCDI existing equipments design and documenting the changes.

Product Testing

Create testing procedure.
Perform materials & product testing.
Collect and analyze test result.
Create functional parameter table from result.

Equipment Maintenance

Perform equipment preventative maintenance.
Troubleshoot & repair equipment mechanical issues.
Build & modify equipment.
Recommend improvements on equipment.
Maintain maintenance material required planning log.
Leading production team on manufacturing process improvement.
Design, build, troubleshoot & repair equipment electrical/electronic issues.