At CCDI we use a variety of equipment to achieve our testing goals.

  • Mitutoyo B710 manual CMM

Our CMM has one of the latest versions of Mitutoyo’s GEOpak software packages.  The measurement envelope for this machine is: 28” in the X axis, 40” in the Y axis, and 18” in the Z axis.

  • Instron model 4206 Load Frame

Our load frame has been custom outfitted with state of the industry motion control, and a custom software package with National Instruments LABView.  We have a maximum capacity 30,000 lb. load cell for material testing.

  • Perkin Elmer model 3700 Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Our DSC gives us the ability to test and formulate resin systems tailored to our customers needs and performance specifications.

  • Mitutoyo model PH350 Profile Projector

With the Profile Projector it gives us the ability to accurately measure complex shapes and profiles that would be otherwise impossible to see and measure.

  • 120” Vernier Calipers

We have the capabilities of measuring with .001” accuracy up to 120”.

  • Mettler model AE200 Analytical Balance

0.1mg readability and a 205 gram capacity.

  • National Instruments cDAQ 9233 with Dytran 3010B Accelerometer

This is used for frequency testing.  We have the ability to accurately measure a composite tube’s natural frequency insuring it meets all performance specifications.

Also with a wide variety of hand measurement tools we can confidently inspect all our product in all stages of production.

Mitutoyo® CMM

Model B710

Coordinate Measuring Machine used to measure parts in 3 dimensional space.

Table size:…………………….67″ x 42″

Capacities: (X)……………….40″



Instron® Load Frame

Model 4206

Used to measure and record load vs. strain loads to determine stiffness and ultimate strength of our parts.  We have a max capacity of 30,000 lbs.

Perkin Elmer® DSC

Delta Series 7

The DSC or Differential Scanning Calorimeter is used in the analysis of resins. Primarily used to measure the Glass Transition Stage or Tg of our resin systems

Mitutoyo® Profile Projector


Equipped with Mitutoyo® GEO-CHEK model Q2-MU-01-MI measuring small details is made easy

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